Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Finale

We cannot believe that it is May already! What a week we had!

This week, we began our research projects on lady bugs. We have learned SO much about ladybugs. Do you know that ladybugs can be colors other than red? They can be white, orange, and even yellow! Ask your child about the page that they published in our big book about ladybugs!

On Wednesday, we got to watch the 4th and 5th grade band, orchestra, and chorus perform for us. They did an amazing job! We enjoyed seeing all of the hard work that they did.

Today, we went to library. Mrs. Myer read us a fictional book about bugs. It was really funny! After, we were able to check out books and draw our very own made up bug. Library always makes me so happy. I love to see everyone with their newly checked out books. We are able to share pictures, words, and our thoughts about the books that we choose.

 Today, we also wished Ms. McMahon luck. She will be moving upstairs to teach second grade until the end of the year. Though this is great for her professional life, it will not make us miss her any less. We were able to tell her the things that we appreciated about her, which was very sweet to hear. We will be welcoming Ms. McGowan to our classroom starting on Monday.


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